Our Mission

How do concerns regarding autism and the environment intersect? While there is science that suggests that environmental toxins may be responsible for the increase in diagnoses of autism, there is little consensus on the cause.

Bags for Good doesn’t seek to identify autism’s cause; what we do is provide a way for you to participate in helping individuals with autism while making a vast improvement in the environment. Like all of us who want to help the environment, we encourage replacing plastic and paper bags with reusable bags.

 But here’s what makes Bags for Good different from other reusable bags – which, frankly, you can buy from nearly every grocery store.

For one, Bags for Good are both functional and stylish, but more important, when you purchase Bags for Good, you’re directly providing meaningful employment for individuals on the autism spectrum.


We collaborate with Endeavor 21+, a 501c3 that offers educational, vocational, and life skills opportunities at the safe, diverse, and intergenerational community of the Threefold Educational Foundation in Rockland County, NY.