Bags for Good

Good for the Environment

Good for People with Autism

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Reusable Jute Bags

Our Mission

Bags for Good accomplishes two goals of profound importance: addressing the need to find meaningful work for the increasing number of individuals on the autism spectrum and participating actively in saving the environment. Buy Bags for Good.  Natural jute bags with style. 

Good for the Environment

Over one MILLION plastic bags throughout the globe are left for trash every minute, while 80% of the 10 billion grocery bags used each year end up in landfills. Our reusable jute bags offer a natural alternative. 




Bags for Good is a company dedicated to employing teens and adults on the autism spectrum

Good for People on the Autism Spectrum

Bags for Good aims to bring awareness to autism by employing those on the autism spectrum who help with shipping and packing the bags. 


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